Author: Robyn Wise

Among the most significant artists of her generation, Mehretu is known for abstract paintings that reflect the speed and interconnectivity of 21st century culture.

The homeowners gave the team great creative freedom, with the guiding principal that nothing be too over-the-top.

Chris French's custom metal design and fabrication shop is known for its jewelry-quality craftsmanship and execution of highly complicated projects.

"It's all about cultivating tension between functionality and form," says Watts, "and pushing the relationship we have with familiar household objects into a surreal place."

"The Archery is a creative hub for designers that comes with built-in resources, technology and community," says founder Randall Stowell.

"Our original shop is always packed and I wanted space to explore my passion for soft goods, particularly bedding and lounge wear," says owner Janelle Loevner.

Notions of museum convention and display methods, collapsed temporal boundaries, and how we understand the past and share knowledge across time are concepts at the heart of Wagner’s work.

A fixture on San Francisco’s Hunters Point since 1983, John DiPaolo remembers when the city’s industrial southeastern shore was still a functioning shipyard. “I grew up here as an artist,” he reflects, sitting in his studio, all soaring ceilings and dazzling waterfront light. The space is conducive to the large-scale, canvases he’s created over a 40-year career, driven by a love of process and an ambition to push the limits of abstraction.