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With breathtaking water views and the beach right across the street, you’d never know New York City is just an hour away.

Add a kick to a classic cocktail with this festive martini recipe.

Mix Masters challenges designers to create a space using only items found at an antique warehouse.

Design luminaries have been transforming their 5’ by 8’ space housed within three white walls for over two decades.

IDA Innovator Edwina von Gal, along with Chris LaGuardia of LaGuardia Design and Blaze Makoid are the design forces behind this innovative new hospital.

The tallest residential building in the Hudson Yards neighborhood offering a host of luxurious amenities.

A new gallery in NYC showcases more than 50 exhibitors whose offerings span from antiques to contemporary pieces, presenting a dazzling display of the best seating, lighting, tables, rugs, decorative objects, art and more.

In San Francisco's chic Pacific Heights neighborhood, JKA Design revamped a century-old home into an elegant, contemporary space