Author: Photographs Courtesy of The Agency

Nestled between San Francisco and Napa, the estate's location is perfect for inspiring the creative mind.

The pop culture power couple have new digs in Beverly Hills now, but this was where they lived shortly after getting married last year.

Perhaps the forest-filled filming locations of ‘The Hunger Games’ influenced this celebrity's unique purchase, but now it's time for a change of scenery.

Just north of San Francisco set amongst California’s beautiful Southern greenery, this estate resonates architectural history designed by lead architect John White back in 1906.

One could never accuse this mansion of being subtly lavish.

After adapting one of the most praised films of 2018, this Hollywood wordsmith is looking for a change of scenery.

More than a year after their amicable separation and just days after their divorce was finalized, former power couple Anna Faris and Chris Pratt have put this spacious residence on the market.