Beautiful ‘Floating Farmhouse’ in the Catskills Glides onto the Market for Almost $2.9M

In picturesque Upstate New York, a property known as the “Floating Farmhouse” has sailed onto the market. So-called for its cantilevered, covered porch’s position just overhanging a babbling creek, making it seem as though the home hovers just above the water, the circa-1820 structure has graced the pages of Dwell and Architectural Digest. With a serene address in the Catskills enclave of Eldred, the home asks $2.875 million.

Don’t let that early, early establishment date scare you. It’s been completely transformed. Designer Tom Givone purchased the structure in 2002, embarking 0n an intensive rebuild and restoration that spanned four years. Givone made the property imminently livable and modern, with an abundance of space and light and polished concrete floors in the kitchen sitting beneath 20-foot vaulted ceilings. In the same fell swoop, he also perfectly preserved the charm of the past. There are hand-hewn beams supporting those high ceilings and wide plank floors stained dark in the quieter living spaces.

It’s also a tribute to the rustic. In the kitchen, locally-quarried bluestone tops the countertops. Latticed steelwork climbing the walls and a sculptural metal tower containing a wood-burning pizza oven received special acid baths to achieve a particular patina.

Givone’s hard work and vision to revive the property paid off, affording him profitable avenues to explore. With such a beautiful melding of vintage and modern aesthetics, all in a stunning setting, the home has operated as a luxury Airbnb rental and a film/photo shoot location in recent years.

Annabel Taylor of Four Seasons Sotheby’s International Realty holds the 8.7-acre listing. Beyond the floating farmhouse, the grounds also hold a smokehouse, an original gazebo, and a barn with retractable doors.