Beinfield Architecture and Havilande Whitcomb Design collaborate on a pool pavilion

Greek temple and mid-century modern combine in a timeless poolside sanctuary with green features that help it naturally blend into the landscape.

In search of an outdoor space for lounging and activities
around their salt-water pool, these homeowners turned to Beinfield Architecture. “The inspiration for the pool pavilion came from old farm implements rusting in a field,” notes Bruce Beinfield, “a relic from an agrarian past.”

The 700-square-foot structure was designed to have a fireplace, wet bar, cabana and shower. In collaboration with Havilande Whitcomb of Havilande Whitcomb Design, an ipe-covered central cylinder was designed to house the cabana (toilet, sink, bench and storage). A rectangular steel mass contains the fireplace, and steel columns support the roof. An all-weather television is mounted on a pivoting arm, which allows it to swing to face the sitting area. Gauzy white fabric offers another layer to the otherwise transparent pavilion. “There is a lovely breeze that blows up there most of the summer, and the movement of the outdoor draperies softens the structure and invites one to another, more relaxed, place,” notes Whitcomb.

In response to the homeowners’ interest in sustainable design, a green roof of succulents and grasses absorbs heat from the sun and cools the space below. Used from spring through fall, the structure blends into the landscape. “I am delighted at how effortlessly it rests on the crest of the hillside and becomes a modern garden folly,” says lead project architect Andrew Bartolotta.