Between Planting and Picking

A selection of color photographs of family-owned farms taken by Sandi Haber Fifield. The images capture the lush colors of fertile fields from coast to coast.

To celebrate the end of winter and to anticipate spring, Rick Wester Fine Art is presenting an exhibition of color photographs by Sandi Haber Fifield, selected from her recent monograph, Between Planting and Picking (Charta, 2011). Beginning in June 2009 through the fall of 2010, Haber Fifield photographed family-owned farms spanning New England to the West Coast and the Pacific Northwest. Teeming with the verdant and lush colors of these fertile fields, Haber Fifield made pictures that delicately balance the geographic with the geometric. In the book, which is less documentary and more about her personal vision, she finds a metaphor in the unending cycle of growth and harvest for her own image-making.

Quotes Excerpted from Between Planting and Picking. show runs through April 16, Rick Wester Fine Art, 511 West 25th St., NYC. photographs will also be on view at KMR Arts in Washington, CT, in September 2011. For a Q&A with Sandi Haber Fifield, click here.






“Farming has always been, and will always be, cruelly hard work—even while it is a primal, joyful endeavor. It is this yin and yang of pleasure and pain, work and rest, beauty
and utility, tidy and messy, bounty and loss, that Sandi Haber Fifield so artfully captures in the photographs presented in
Between Planting and Picking.”











“Parting the curtain, Haber Fifield allows viewers to witness what customers normally do not experience at the farm stand or grocers. Along the way, we encounter intimate moments of specificity, stillness, and splendor…This work explores by lingering, not moving on, and builds a complex vocabulary of visual association. It is photography as a form of planting. Every snap of the shutter deposits a new vision into the world, each with the infinite potential to grow in the minds of others.”