Brilliantly British: Chesney's

Chesney's fireplace.About Chesney’s
Chesney’s is internationally recognized as the leading luxury brand in its field and is the first port of call for architects, interior designers and private clients all over the world who are seeking the very best mantelpieces and architectural stonework. The company’s success is based on a passionate commitment to good design, intelligent engineering, craftsmanship, innovation and outstanding service.

Chesney's stairs.Good design is intrinsic to every Chesney’s product. Their period mantelpieces are exact copies of antique originals while their contemporary mantels include the work of leading designers reflecting current trends in interior design. The company is unique in the collaborations it has forged with historical bodies such as the Sir John Soane Museum and the Lutyens Foundation and prides itself on preserving and promoting traditional techniques in manufacturing whether hand-carving a marble chimneypiece or forging steel on a blacksmith’s anvil. These are labor intensive and highly-skilled processes for which there are no substitutes.

Chesney's fireplace.The scope of the company’s business has expanded exponentially since it was founded. Chesney’s was initially concerned with the restoration of antique mantelpieces but made a quantum leap in the early 90s with the move into the reproduction of period fireplace designs. Chesney’s pioneered the manufacture of authentic reproductions of fireplaces in stone at an affordable price, and more recently has diversified into architectural stonework, securing projects worldwide for specialist items such as cantilevered staircases and classical stone facades.

Finally, and most importantly, Chesney’s has always aimed to provide the best possible service to its customers, an aspiration which has served the company well. In addition to the flagship showrooms in London and New York, Chesney’s products are now sold through more than 200 authorized dealerships in the UK, Europe, Middle and Far East and North America.