Brilliantly British: James Hare

Silk Opulence.

Finely-tuned attention to quality has made U.K.-based James Hare THE premier silk specialists. As experts in the intricacies of the silk farming tradition, their vast array of rich lustrous silks exude enhanced elegance. The unique thread of the silk worm allows the most intense, richly dyed hues for a depth and spectrum of color unmatched by other textiles.

James Hare is the premiere destination for silk.Established in 1865, James Hare was originally a resource for the fashion industry. In 1999, they began their foray into the world of interiors and their sumptuous colored silks quickly gained a reputation among discerning designers and specifiers. Today, fifth generation Hare family members continue their commitment
to produce the world’s finest silks and faux silks.

James Hare is the premiere destination for silk.Arriving in the U.S. this January are three new James Hare collections. Named after London’s fashionable road, the Portobello collection of silk embroidered and corded damasks, flower designs, colorful spot designs and delightful jacquards draw on the rich, colorful history of the city’s vibrant Notting Hill district. The Osprey collection, inspired by the distinctive mottled markings of the majestic osprey bird, and the refined contemporary selection of neutral tones in the Elements collection are faux silks that are effortlessly versatile and durable.

HC Monogram offers designers a destination and designation for high-end product lines that traverse all design styles. In addition to James Hare, represented under the HC Monogram canopy are Highland Court, Bailey & Griffin, Clarke & Clarke, and Lulu DK. Each of these lines feature distinctive styling that fulfill their own niche in the luxury market. All are available through Duralee to interior designers and architects.