Brilliantly British: Savoir Beds

Savoir BedsAbout Savoir Beds
Savoir is widely regarded as the world’s most luxurious sleeping system. Created for the Savoy Hotel in London in 1905, Savoir beds have become almost as legendary as the stars who have slept in them. Hand-made in the UK, the finest natural materials and skilled craftsmanship combine to create the ultimate bespoke bed sets. Savoir offers its clients more of an opportunity for making their own unique design than any other bed maker in the world.

Savoir BedsSleep beautifully – the world’s most comfortable bed, hand-made in London. Waking up rejuvenated   and rested is absolutely paramount, thus Savoir Beds has been perfecting and crafting the perfect night’s sleep since 1905, when the beds were first commissioned for London’s Savoy Hotel.

Craft, heritage and skill lie at the heart of Savoir to produce the ultimate sleeping system. The company continues to hand craft beds at its North London Bedworks and in Wales. Every Savoir bed is made to order, crafted by hand to create the ultimate in bespoke luxury and deliver unsurpassed comfort.

Purchasing and owning a Savoir bed is a unique experience. The journey starts in one of the company’s showrooms around the world, including their newly opened second New York uptown showroom. Expertly trained staff will help you realise the bed you’ve always dreamed of, determining the level of support, a factor essential for deep, restorative sleep. Beyond comfort is the design and styling of the bed, in which the Savoir sales team will work to your requirements with unlimited fabric options for upholstery and styles for the headboard and base.

Savoir BedsFocusing on the best also applies to Savoir’s use of natural materials such as curled horse tail, which provides a breathable sleeping surface and the ultimate temperature control for enhanced sleep. The end result is not only a wonderfully comfortable bed for Savoir clients, but one that matches their style aspirations, as only a bespoke creation can.

The brand now has an endless list of legendary names, from royalty to celebrities that have invested in a sound Savoir sleep.

Savoir has worked with a roster of famous international designers to create stunning beds, including Philip Gorrivan and Robert Couturier from the U.S., Sacha Walckhoff, Creative Director of Christian Lacroix, from France. In 2017 Savoir’s list of designer partnerships is to expand with the luxury bed maker collaborating with Madeline Weinrib.

These new designs, as well as sumptuous mattresses and supportive boxsprings, are available in all Savoir showrooms in London, New York and Paris, as well as worldwide in China, Germany, Russia, Taiwan, Korea and Hong Kong.