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Pure MorrisAbout Morris & Co.
At first glance, Pure Morris, the latest collection by Morris & Co. could be considered to be a shocking departure to the aesthetic of their founder, William Morris. However, Pure Morris, in fact, is the essence of Morris’ values. It is for the free-spirits, the truth-seekers and the quiet contemplators.

Pure MorrisAs custodians of the original company founded by William Morris, Morris & Co. embodies the aesthetic and ethos of its founder in everything it does. Pure Morris, at first glance, goes against the grain.

Upon closer inspection however, it is very much in keeping with Morris’ values of craftsmanship and expertly executed patterns. It recognizes that as an interior designer, he created rooms with honesty and simplicity.

This collection very much draws on these elements of the past to create a collection for modern living. Pure Morris harnesses the spirit of our most beloved expert pattern maker and presents his iconic designs in a pared back, neutral palette, while maintaining the intricacies and integrity of the originals.

On the reasons for this new approach, Alison Gee, Head Designer of Morris & Co. explains, “Surrounded by the current desire for simple living, of taking things back to their very essence, it seemed like a good time to explore a different viewpoint on Morris’ iconic patterns. Revisiting the archive with this in mind, we were excited to discover monochromatic patterns and wallpapers printed using different techniques such as crushed glass and metallic inks.”

Pure MorrisWith eight wallpapers, three of the papers were designed using the hand-block methods while others have been re-painted in intricate detail to capture the nature of the original designs. The collection is layered across six neutral color palettes taking in black, grey, linen, gold, copper, silver, cold neutrals, warm neutrals, cream and white.

Long since demanded by their customers, Morris & Co. have created nine curtain fabrics in neutral organic tones, mostly inspired by monochromatic wallpapers from the archive. A collection of exquisite fabrics for creating dreamy and ethereal escape-from-it-all rooms.

All of the fabrics and wallpapers are perfect for creating rooms with honesty and integrity with craftsmanship at the core.