British Invasion at the New York Design Center

The British are here! Check out these showrooms at the NYDC.

If London is calling, you can forget about heading across the pond. You don’t have to look any further than the New York Design Center at 200 Lex.

“The British are here, and we are thrilled,” says NYDC’s very own royalty, president Jim Druckman. “200 Lex proudly serves as a platform for global brands who wish to have a presence in New York and as an entry point to the entire U.S.”

With 16 stories and over 100 showrooms, the NYDC offers an array of brands. “The wit and charm of the British design perspective adds a great flavor to our range of showrooms from classic creations to avant-garde contemporary innovations,” Druckman says. “When you visit 200 Lex, you know you are experiencing the world’s best and we are pleased to welcome so many great British brands with more to come.”

If you have been to the NYDC, perhaps you have already stopped by British brands Julian Chichester and Rosemary Hallgarten. Check out these British brands that are newer to 200 Lex.