Brooklyn Designer Raine Heidenberg Has Her Own Decorating Formula

A Brooklyn native, Raine Heidenberg gave up acting to pursue a career in interior design. Her projects are kept eco-friendly but without comprising her chic design style.

portrait: Rebecca smith; interiors: james ransom

WHO: New York native Raine Heidenberg, who gave up acting to pursue a career in interior design. Having grown up around curated spaces—her art-dealer mother ran a gallery—it was a smooth transition for her to make.

WHAT: After receiving her master’s degree from Pratt Institute, Heidenberg worked for a design firm in Greenwich, Connecticut, before going out on her own. “I decorated McMansions in a super-traditional way,” she says, “though that’s not what I specialize in now. But that period in my life really informed my work today. I learned how many pillows to put on a sofa, which is certainly not something they teach you at Pratt.”

WHERE: Heidenberg, who has lived in Williamsburg for the past ten years, specializes in serving a primarily local clientele and just began a gut renovation of a small cottage in Montauk. “The entire project is environmentally correct, which is a huge passion of mine,” she says. “Being eco-friendly can sometimes be costly, so I like to start small, using low-VOC paint and natural-fiber rugs and fabrics whenever I can.”

WHEN: Heidenberg formed Raine Heidenberg Interior Design in 2009 and learned early on that her clients are sharply attuned to aesthetics. “Their viewpoint helps me keep everything in perspective when it comes to the work I do for them.”

WHY: Every project presents its own set of obstacles, and that’s the kind of challenge Heidenberg loves most. “It’s fulfilling to me when clients say that I’ve helped them out through my designs,” she says. “They always inspire me, but I hope my work inspires them, too.”