Café and Juice Bar Organic Krush to Open in the Mary’s Marvelous Building in Amagansett

The original Mary's Marvelous location in Amagansett.The original Mary’s Marvelous in Amagansett, which closed last year, has been bought by the organic café Organic Krush. What was once the Amagansett-dweller’s go-to for good coffee, cupcakes and curried chicken salad, will soon be home to an eatery whose slogan—Food, Juice, Love—appears to sum up their organic, farm-to-fork offerings. Mary's Marvelous remains open in East Hampton.

The Mary’s Marvelous location was marketed as a “valuable business opportunity” due to its central location on Main Street in Amagansett North and high volume of foot traffic. Its kitchen space and outdoor dining patio made it ideal for restaurant use and the fact that celebrities flocked there for a bite doesn’t hurt either. When the news broke that the Amagansett location of Mary’s Marvelous was closing, Curbed wrote that a friend of theirs had “been in there with Alec Baldwin, Blythe Danner and Katie [Lee] Joel all at the exact same time.”

Douglas Elliman’s Lori Macgarva was listing the building.

The inside of Mary's Marvelous in Amagansett.
The eating area at Mary's Marvelous in Amagansett.

A display from Organic Krush café.A display at one of organic krush's other locations

Organic Krush krush's selection of organic juice