Classic Pieces with a Modern Twist by Ziggy and Nest Studio

Emily Butler of Ziggy continues to transform the world of design, dedicating herself to creating furniture that presents customizable, non-toxic solutions for your home without compromising style. Ziggy’s versatile design uses 100% water-based paint, high gloss lacquer, and wood finishes that fall below the Greenguard Limit for VOC content to create safe, modern pieces.

In collaboration with Jessica Davis of Nest Studio, known for her cutting-edge hardware, Ziggy is introducing additional sleek, minimalist hardware options for the first time since their brand launch in spring 2018. The Geo Series pulls will be offered in their four classic finishes – satin brass, gloss white, polished nickel & matte black as a special add onto all of their charming, colorful furniture pieces. Read on to learn more about this creative collaboration:

Modern Twist Between Ziggy and Nest Studio

What inspired the decision to partner with one another?

Jessica Davis: As a mom, I love Ziggy’s mission to create beautiful, non-toxic furniture and, of course, enjoy working with women who are creative and mindful at the same time.

Emily Butler: I have long admired Jess’s hardware designs and saw an especially great fit with her Geo collection. We have designed our furniture to be intentionally simple and we loved how the round Geo form worked so well with just about all of our pieces. You also can’t beat Nest Studio’s finishes – they are stunning.

Nest Studio and Ziggy Collaboration

Why do you think Ziggy and Nest Studio work so well together for this collaboration?

Jessica: I love the clean lines and bold colors of Emily’s furniture. There is a reference to the traditional, but they are new and fresh. We strive to do the same with our hardware, so it seemed like a natural fit.

Emily: I love all of Nest Studio’s designs because they feel so original, which I know is why Jess started her company in the first place. We are also trying to offer something a little different –high style, non-toxic, customizable furniture–and think that our values are really aligned. Can’t hurt that the hardware is beautiful and sells itself!

Emily, this is your first partnership with another brand, what led to your decision to add hardware options to the list of customizable capabilities?

Emily: We started by offering customization in terms of style, size, and finish and while we will continue to add to our collection we also want to offer other customization options in the way of hardware. Hardware can be such a show stopping addition to furniture and while we love how our classic, simple round knobs work with our pieces, we are excited to add a new dimension with the hardware offerings.

Modern Twist by Ziggy

Jessica, why do you think the Geo Series specifically works well on Ziggy pieces?

Jessica: The Geo series is simple and doesn’t detract from the clean lines of the furniture. Also, while Emily’s pieces are so clean lined, they often have a subtle curve to them that I think plays well with the series. Many of the pieces have brass ferrules that tie into the brass finish on our hardware as well.

You both run women-led businesses. Do you ever find this informing your choices about what brands you choose to collaborate with?

Emily: Absolutely. What has been such a lovely thing about the interior design business in general is the opportunities to collaborate – especially with women –and that extends to this partnership as well. We really respect what Jess is doing with Nest Studio and are proud to offer her designs and direct people to her site.

Jessica: Totally! I am part of the Female Design Council and love promoting other women led businesses. The hardware world especially is a good old boys club that we are trying to shake up, so it’s nice to partner with people who have similar values.

Is it true that hardware is the easiest way to spruce up a piece?

Jessica: Yes, aside from drilling holes and using a screwdriver it’s very straightforward.

Emily: Absolutely. We see it as an easy and relatively affordable way to reinvent your classic pieces over and over again.

Iriving Chest

Now for some fun, name your favorite combos!

Jessica: I love the tiered Irving Chest with our black hardware. The black on black is so modern and sleek looking. It’s not something I would have put together but I love that Emily did it!

Emily: I have to agree; the Irving Dresser has always been a personal favorite of mine and I can’t get enough of its edgy new look with the matte black Geo-hardware.