Color Board: Guest Cottage Bedroom, Bath and Hall

Polly Denham and Glenda Moralee reveal their choices for paint, fabric, tile and more.


Polly Denham, Polly Denham Interiors, and Glenda Moralee, By Design Interiors

1 Couch and bolster fabric, Lorenzo Embroidery in natural. 2 Twin bed skirt fabric, Montebello Stripe in pearl. 3 Queen headboard fabric, Palampore Embroidery in mineral. 4-6 Ceiling and trim paint, Decorators White; queen bedroom walls, stair paint, Davenport Tan; twin bedroom and bath walls, stair paint, Baby Fawn, Benjamin Moore through Ring’s End,
7-8 Valance fabric, Gweneth Linen in greige and haze. 9 Drapery fabric, Anya Linen in mineral. 10 Queen bed skirt fabric, Dotted Silk Weave in mocha. All fabrics from Schumacher (T), 212-415-3900,


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