Color Board: Living Room

Susan Bednar Long reveals her choices for paint, fabric, tile and more.


Susan Bednar Long, S.B. Long Interiors, Inc.

1 Loveseat fabric, Sark in tern. 2 Throw pillow trim, P.1106.04. 3 Drapery fabric, Twill in lynx. 4-8 Christopher Peacock paint: Mayfair White, Abbey Walls, Scullery White, Bitumen and Porcelain, 9 Throw pillow cord trim, P.1108.01. 10 Skirt on console trim, P.1105.01. 11 Trim on throw pillows, P.0166.03. 12 Loveseat trim, P.1101.01. 13 Table skirt fabric, Ruff in chocolate. 14 Double welt on ottoman, Aripeka in mussel. 15 Chair fabric, Wool Velvet in hazelnut. 16 Leading edge on drapery fabric, Caryopsis in spelt. 17 Ottoman fabric, Picardie in pug. 18 Wing chair fabric, Crail in ceramic. All fabric and trim from Rogers & Goffigon Ltd. (T),


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