Color Board: Pool House

Tricia Izzo and Carolyn Kron reveal their choices for paint, fabric, tile and more.


Tricia Izzo and Carolyn Kron, Shelter Interiors

1 Cabinetry, maple in onyx, Medallion through NuKitchens, 2 Cabinetry, maple in Harbor Mist, Medallion through Nukitchens. 3 Wall covering on ceiling, Negril, Thibaut (T), 4 Valance, artwork fabric, Chiang Mai Dragon in aquamarine, Schumacher (T), 212-415-3900, 5 Wall paint, White Dove, Benjamin Moore through Ring’s End, 6 Cushion fabric, Breaker in navy, DeLany & Long Ltd. through Rogers & Goffigon Ltd. (T), 203-532-0010. 7 Countertops, Martini Flint, Vetrazzo, Artistic Tile, 8 Changing cabana fabric, Seaward Captain in navy, Sailrite, 9 Backsplash, East Hampton, Artistic Tile.


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