Color Board: Sunroom

Philip Gorrivan reveals his choices for paint, fabric, tile and more.


Philip Gorrivan, Philip Gorrivan Design

1-4 Ceiling paint, Violet Petal; stripe paint, Smoke Embers; trim paint, Nimbus; wall paint, Pewter, Benjamin Moore through Ring’s End, 5 Throw pillow fabric, Banks in peacock. 6 Throw pillows and wing back chairs fabric, Woods End in kohl. 7 Sofa fabric, Roxbury in verdegris.
8 Window seat cushion and Mary Elizabeth chair fabric, Cologne in fig. 9 Throw pillow fabric, Concerto in peacock. 10 Throw pillow on window seat fabric, Maharani in plum. 11 Drape panel fabric, Homer in verdegris. 12 Wing chair throw pillow fabric, Alhambra Matelasse in plum. 13 Club chair throw pillow fabric, Wexford in peacock. All fabrics are
from Philip Gorrivan for Highland Court through Duralee (T), 212-752-4040,


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