Color Boards: Reception Area

Jamie Drake reveals his choices for paint, fabric, tile and more.


Jamie Drake, Drake Design Associates

1 Bench fabric, Not Square in margaux, Jamie Drake Collection, Schumacher (T), 212-415-3900, 2 Field fabric on drapes, Jazzed in bloody mary, Jamie Drake Collection, Schumacher. 3 Table skirt fabric, Vallier Vine in graphite, Jamie Drake Collection, Schumacher.
4 Drape trim, Le Jardin Silk Border in 17 black, Samuel & Sons (T), 212-704-8000, 5 Crown stripe paint, Summer Sun Pink, Benjamin Moore through Ring’s End, 6 Ceiling paint, Soft Pink, Benjamin Moore through Ring’s End. 7 Wall paint, Sidewalk Gray, Benjamin Moore through Ring’s End. 8 Table skirt trim, Rouen Tassel Fringe in 09 ruby, Samuel & Sons. 9 Drape border fabric, Raindrops in ripe tomato, Jamie Drake Collection, Schumacher.


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