Create Light and Drama in Your Spaces with Mirrors

Mirrors are wall art and can drastically shake up your home.
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Evolution Design, Canada. Photo by Drew Hadley Photographs.

As the days are getting shorter, it doesn’t mean your home can’t get brighter with some stylish tricks. Mirrors are a clever way to exponentially increase light while bringing exquisite, hand-crafted pieces into your favorite spaces.

But mirror, mirror on the wall, who makes the most exceptional pieces of them all? High-end lifestyle brand Christopher Guy was built on the mission to design the most fabulous mirrors in the world. Now, they’re sharing their top tips for creating more light and beauty in your home. At Christopher Guy, they see mirrors as more than a way to help you dress, they are wall art and meant to delight.

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Oliver Burns, UK

Where to Hang Them

It’s all about the placement. To maximize light in your home, Christopher Guy recommends hanging a mirror somewhere that reflects a light fixture and placing smaller mirrors under curving staircases or vestibules. You can also invite nature further into your spaces by positioning mirrors so that they frame a sunny view or greenery.

For a dramatic impact, place a chic mirror over a fireplace mantle to highlight an accent color or offset hues in a room’s design. In a small space or corner, you can also create a major moment by hanging smaller mirrors to reflect brilliant artwork.

Trends You’ll Love

Ornately carved mirrors are timeless, but they also happen to be in vogue. The more artisanal and hand-crafted, the more personality they add to a space and the more you will treasure them. If you prefer clean lines, think about using stackable mirrors to design a sophisticated and alluring wallscape.

Make a statement upon entering the home with an oversized mirror–Christopher Guy’s modular mirrors look superb in foyers and great rooms with high ceilings. They can be stacked vertically or horizontally to cover the length or height of any wall for instant glamour.

Create Light And Drama In The Home With Mirrors Great Room Modular

The Christopher Guy showroom

Christopher Guy is carving out a piece of history with their artful creations. Today, they are a luxury lifestyle brand crafting a full collection of pristine furnishings from their workshop in Java, Indonesia, but it all started when Christopher Guy Harrison was inspired by antique reproduction mirrors on his travels to Madrid. Staying true to tradition, their mirrors, like all their designs, are hand-carved from solid mahogany.

Shop their mirrors to give your rooms “Elegance with Edge” or visit their website to see all of Christopher Guy’s beautiful collections. Every space in your home is special and should be treated as such.