Designer Brittany Bromley Gives a Family’s Weekend Home Elegant Interiors

Brittany Bromley believes that the design process can be akin to design clairvoyance when you have known a client for many years. Anticipating what kind of life will be led in the home allows for the most personal kind of expression. This project was one such experience. “One of the most challenging things about being a designer,” explains Bromley, “is trying to create homes where your clients will feel their most comfortable.”

Bromley’s first project for this young family was to design the nursery in their Tribeca apartment. “I almost feel like she created an environment that speaks to who I am versus to what I was surrounded by,” notes the homeowner. “We walk in, and it feels so right.” Thrilled with the results, they enlisted Bromley’s help with a much larger project at their weekend home. The scope included furnishing the foyer, family room, adjacent kitchen, outdoor covered porch, study, bar room and home office. The brief was clear: Create intimate, family-friendly yet still elegant spaces within a 10,000-square-foot home, layering in both contemporary elements and antiques—and sourcing nearly every item from scratch.

A traditional porter’s chair reimagined in high-gloss black lacquer greets visitors at the front door, while an undercurrent of soothing blues and pale pinks run throughout the rooms. A feminine home office is anchored by a vintage Moroccan Berber sourced in London, balancing the room’s subtle palette, while the bar room walls are painted in a custom high-gloss blue lacquer for maximum drama.

Designer Brittany Bromley Gives a Family's Weekend Home Elegant Interiors

The family room, adjacent kitchen and outdoor covered porch are the heart of this home. Integrating sophisticated indoor/outdoor living with the ability to accommodate a crowd was key to the success of this family retreat. “All of the rooms have wonderful ceiling height,” says Bromley. “They flow from one into another very beautifully and then again out onto the terrace. So in season, it functions as one large entertaining space. There aren’t a lot of interior doors, and because of that, you’re free to have 10 people or 80 people over.”

In the wood-paneled study, the first item bought for the project—a vintage Beni Ourain rug—provided the perfect start to creating the texture and warmth the clients desired. The mix treatment came with vintage Lucite and brass pieces paired with French side chairs, custom-colored Quadrille fabric and a midcentury, inlaid-horn mirror.

The homeowner grew up with porch swings and really wanted one for her own covered porch. Pregnant with her second child during the project, she knew that she would want to spend the summer with her newborn daughter rocking back and forth on the veranda.

“When Brittany found those fantastic Charleston swings, we were just off and running,” notes the homeowner. “She knew I loved them, and they’re very hard to find. Those swings are the cornerstone of everything. They are where we relax, where we read—we’re able to spread out the newspapers on them. We treat them like two outdoor sofas; when we’re having drinks, we pull over a Weatherend table.”

Summers here are ideal for indoor/outdoor entertaining. “We’re out on that porch with the doors open to the kitchen and the family room. The kids can run all over the place, inside and out,” says the homeowner. “Brittany did a great job giving us a weekend place that’s close to the city, but also filled with peace and calm.”

A version of this article appeared in the April 2019 issue of CTC&G (Connecticut Cottages & Gardens) with the headline: Sixth Sense.