Developer Derek Axelrod’s Masterful Water Mill Modern Hits the Market

Mere months after finishing construction on this Water Mill home, developer and designer Derek Axelrod has listed the serene spread for $10.45 million. The masterfully mapped-out modern is set on just under an acre, but borders over 100 acres of agricultural reserve. The home’s newness, both in style and completion, feels groundbreaking amidst the pastoral surroundings. Axelrod’s abode is all about embracing nature and effortlessly stands out amongst the many shingle-style homes of the Hamptons.

“I wanted to create something different,” says Axelrod of the modern structure. “The inspiration was the farm fields and horses, yielding the perfect canvas to capture natural beauty through framed walls of glass.” Those glass walls, present throughout the 10,000 square foot home, frame the pastures as though they were paintings. Each of the 6 bedrooms and 9 bathrooms overlooks some aspect of the world outside for a calming connection to nature.

With such respect for the landscape, it’s only right that Axelrod should construct a home that gives to nature as well. Solar panels are mounted on the roof for an eco-friendly edge that makes the views that much sweeter.

Taking over two years to build, and additional time to design, the home is a true piece of art. From the double-height entry to the decked-out master suite to the breezy poolside patio, there’s not a thing to tweak or redo. Bespoke Real Estate holds the listing and someone can move right in.