Developers Are Using These Luxe Building Perks to Attract Buyers

Manhattan Buildings Are Using These Luxe Building Perks to Attract Buyers

Rooftop pools and game rooms are so passé. To compete for their share of affluent buyers and renters in a market saturated with new luxury buildings, developers have become more creative in order to stand out. Leading the pack is the hotel-inspired wellness center at Citizen360, a recently completed 84-unit condominium conceived by Shop Architects on the Upper East Side. The interiors have been dreamed up by Clodagh, the Irish-born decorator with an affinity for incorporating principles like feng shui, biogeometry (the science of the effect of shape on the body), and biophilia (the idea that nature has a positive influence on living things) into her designs. Notably, the building includes a spa with an infrared sauna that reportedly helps users ease pain, shed pounds, and fight aging. “Infrared heat penetrates the skin more intensely than the heat in a regular sauna, detoxifying the body of sodium and lactic acid,” says the designer, who also installed an air-purifying living green wall in the lobby, in addition to creating a music room and an art studio for residents. “I want the homeowners of Citizen360 to feel like they’re being welcomed into a retreat.” 

Manhattan Buildings Are Using These Luxe Building Perks to Attract BuyersEmphasizing healthy living is becoming the rule, not the exception, at places like Level in Williamsburg, where a 24-hour fitness club offers more than 200 on-demand video classes, including kickboxing, Pilates, and Zumba. And in Chelsea, the spa at the soon-to-be-built d’Orsay condominium will include a chic Art Deco–style plunge pool designed by legendary French decorator Jacques Garcia. Residents can reserve the private pool and heat or cool it to a desired temperature.

The bar is being raised even higher for life-boosting perks like these and more. The staff at 525 West 52nd Street can organize an in-home blow-dry or a tutor for the kids, while the building’s “experience manager” curates activities such as outdoor yoga classes, winery visits, and special film series in the screening room. At the observatory of the 64-story 50 West in the Financial District, residents can take part in a stargazing program led by Marcelo Cabrera, former president of the Amateur Astronomers Association of New York. And tenants of Brooklyn’s new rental 33 Bond Street can get a dose of fresh air without ever leaving the premises: The property features a private elevated park where renters can fire up the grill, lounge on sun beds, or walk along its landscaped paths—even though Fort Greene Park is only a few blocks away.