Diane von Furstenberg's Home Line

The latest additions to DVF Home

Starting more than 30 years ago with her iconic wrap dress for the woman on the go, Diane von Furstenberg has created an empire based on taste, style and deep-rooted instinct. Last year, she launched DVF Home, fearlessly bringing her love of patterns, textures, shapes, sizes and bold colors into tabletop accessories and bedding.

You have been making women feel great in clothes for years. How long have you had this home collection in mind? I always wanted to bring the bold patterns and colors I am known for in my runway collections into the home. There are so many new and vintage patterns that I love and think are timeless that served as an inspiration for my home collection. This extension felt very natural for the DVF brand, and I love that people can bring my prints into their homes and live with them, happily.

What advice can you give for using these strong, colorful patterns in the home? Your home is another canvas for expressing your personal style. Have fun with textures, large prints, small patterns, florals and stripes. Make it your own and go for it!

How important is a duvet in a bedroom? And what was your inspiration for this collection? A boldly patterned duvet will instantly invigorate the bedroom. The collection offers 10 stand-alone duvets every season in different limited prints inspired by my travels, by nature and by the season. I love to travel and have collected many amazing things for my home during my travels. I always take photos, which I use for inspiration. I am curious to see how people dress and live. And the people I meet are an endless source for my creativity and imagination when I design. From the vibrancy of Brazil to the tranquility of Bali and the bazaars of Morocco, there is always something! It can be a bit of a seashell, or a twist of a twig that becomes a print.  

You have been quoted as saying, “Everything happens in bed.” Should the bed be the focal point in the design of one’s bedroom? I think so, yes. The bed is the most important part of the room, and you want to focus most of your attention there. And you can change your duvet as often as you change your clothes.

What is your recommendation on how best to dress your table? Incorporate bold patterns, unusual shapes and color fearlessly. Have fun and accessorize the table as you would your wardrobe. Then choose your guests wisely… the most important part of any table is who is sitting around it.

Your homes have been inspired by your life. What do you think a home should reflect? The most important thing is that your home be a reflection of you. I would rather have a room full of things that mean something to me than a room full of things that match perfectly. Cloudwalk Farm [located in the Merryall section of New Milford] is my home and my favorite place to be. It’s a sanctuary where I can be at peace with my family and with nature. I can recharge, relax and connect with what is important to me. It’s where I go to find clarity.