Earth Friendly Design

Earth friendly resources for designers including this Habitus cork mosaic tile which is recycled from Spanish and Portuguese wine stoppers.

Rugged by Design
Boys: We love them. We want to create a clean, safe environment for their boundless imaginations. Beyond that, we’d really love to keep our living spaces intact. The forward-thinking minds at Designtex have risen to this challenge with an Extreme Performance line of ultra-durable upholstery, made from 100-percent recycled, low-emitting materials. The striped Terrain is perfect for a tailored, masculine room and comes with a 10-year warranty. Designtex, Stamford, 800-221-1540,


Good on Paper
I studied visual arts for years and still get a thrill from beautiful art paper. Naturally, I was intrigued by the new Paper Craft collection from the sustainable carpet stalwart J+J/Invision. The patterns are designed to evoke the “shadows, folds, pleats and creases” made when paper is manipulated into art. Although they offer broadloom coordinate, I’m looking forward to creating a custom pattern from their extravagantly hued tiles, which use eKo PVC-free backing and promise closed-loop recyclability when you’re inspired to start anew. J+J/Invision,

A Real Corker
Habitus cork is created using sustainably harvested cork—the bark of the Mediterranean cork oak tree is merely trimmed, allowing the trees to live up to 200 years. I was pleased to learn that Habitus cork mosaic tile is recycled from Spanish and Portuguese wine stoppers, making my occasional glass of Vinho Verde feel especially verde. The hand-cut chips are warm, insulating and antibacterial, with an assortment of organic stains available. Their richly textured custom finish brings contrast and depth to a modern space.
 Habitus Finishes LLC, 800-729-5120,

Raise Your Glass

As a mother and a designer of family spaces, I’m committed to using clean, sustainable materials whenever possible. Of course, these must also be beautiful and of exceptional quality. Livinglass delivers on both fronts with its new Fresh Collection, made from a single, clear panel of recycled glass that’s UV-, water- and chemical-resistant. It’s a designer’s dream with customizable patterns and finishes—illustrated here by the chic mirrored and matte contrast on the Meadow Leaf style. Livinglass, 949-369-1139,

Godfather of Green
Steven Winter launched his sustainable design firm in 1972, decades before the industry rallied behind LEED standards. Steven Winter Associates is an incredible resource for optimizing residential design. Their experts work with your team to integrate sustainable criteria and conduct regular inspections during construction, ensuring your client’s peace of mind with a report on air infiltration, duct leakage, ventilation and exhaust rates.
Steven Winter Associates, Norwalk, 203-857-0200,