Elegant Furnishings from The Enchanted Home

Elegance can be subtle or dramatic, based on your preferences. Whether you are looking for enhancements for the holidays, or in your day-to-day life, we love finding ways to enhance our space and make it feel even more like home. Enter The Enchanted Home, a blog turned curated lifestyle website where you can find tasteful and beautiful accessories for the home. A one-stop design and decor platform, we had the pleasure to learn more during our recent interview with its founder Tina Yaraghi. Read on to learn more about this fun site and how it help you to add elegance to your home this holiday season (and beyond!).

 The Enchanted Home

How did the idea for The Enchanted Home come about?

The idea for creating The Enchanted Home was honestly serendipity. It started with a blog when I barely even knew what a blog was, and then a few years later as people were constantly asking me where I got this or that and often asking for resources, I felt I was onto something. I realized, unknowingly, that I was helping to fill a gap of a certain style that was not as readily available as I might have thought.

At that time, the idea came to me to start carrying some of my favorite vendor items so my little online shop humbly began with many of my favorite vendor items carefully curated for the look that I loved. Fast forward a few years later and when I wasn’t finding exactly what I wanted I started creating my own products, it started with one small shipment and has since evolved to multiple shipments monthly, all of our own exclusive Enchanted Home product! There was no doubt a learning curve but I am happy to say we have come a long way from those early days of learning the ropes and have a full fledged product line in place.

beautiful, timeless, traditional home accessories with a slightly current twist

Tell us what you can find at The Enchanted Home?

You will find a very carefully thought out growing collection of beautiful, timeless, traditional home accessories with a slightly current twist. As an example I might take a very traditional planter but add a Greek key element for it to feel more current or a traditional chinoiserie tole lamp but use softer colors and more a geometric pattern instead of a very tradition one.

I believe that elegant traditional home furnishings will never ever go out of style and one look back in the history books supports that. Blue and white porcelain which is the biggest part of my business is proof positive that even now hundreds and hundreds of years later it has remained wildly popular and with good reason! I always said and still do, that I do not sell anything on my shop that I would not be delighted to add to my own home.

Enchanted Home Decor

What are some of your favorite decor pieces in your home?

My favorite decor items in my home as far as furniture goes would be our many French pieces that we bought from a very fine French maker many many years ago, even now over 10 years later I still treasure and love them.

As far as accessories go, most definitely my extensive blue and white porcelain collection that are part of a collection I have worked on for years, along with my extensive collection of antique China mixed in with new items.

Most definitely all of my silver pieces, which I use especially around the holidays.

Decor How do you source the items from The Enchanted Home? 

I typically think of an idea for a product because I’m just not finding it in the marketplace yet it’s very much alive and well in my head. When I couldn’t find the types of porcelain pieces I was looking for I started designing and importing them, when I wanted elegant silver pieces for the holidays I was either finding antique pieces that either were not in good condition or were prohibitively expensive.

Much to my surprise finding new elegant silver pieces was next to impossible. This is a similar story for my chinoiserie tole, melamine, gift wrap and more. I wanted to design gorgeous accessories that could instantly change up a space but that were at the same time affordable with high style.

What are some key pieces for the holidays that we can find from your site?

To me some of the key pieces to add for the holidays are of course our incredible ornament and holiday gift wrap collection, there’s nothing out there like them! Nothing to me says holidays quite like the gleam and elegance of silver.

Whether being used on a cocktail table for serving cocktails and appetizers or beautiful chargers, flatware and serving pieces on the dining table, this is a sure way to add the wow factor to any holiday table. I would also need to add our newest collection of etched hurricanes that come in two sizes; these are one of my prouder accomplishments.

Another item that I could not find so I created them, they really can so easily elevate whatever space are used in plus the sparkle at night and the beautiful light they give off is hard to beat. 

Anything else to add?

I would also add that I love what I do and my passion for creating this line of products is what allows me to wake up every morning and be genuinely excited about what I do. I have never followed trends to any great extent and really believe that the classics will live on. It is important to pay attention the trends and when appropriate, find a way to incorporate them to the classics. I stand behind that 100% and am grateful that this belief has allowed me to develop and successfully grow my business. The satisfaction and rave reviews we get from our customers on a regular basis is the the true icing on a very sweet cake.