Estée Lauder’s Fabulous Former Summer Villa in Cannes Seeks $9.2M

Summer in the south of France is what dreams are made of. Many flock to the stunning region to lounge on beaches, explore fields of lavender, and perhaps spot a few stars if the Cannes Film Festival is nearing. And, if you ‘Cannes’ believe it, Estée Lauder herself often spent summers here at this gorgeous villa asking €8.75 million, or approximately $9.2 million.

While it’s not clear how long the businesswoman and beauty/skincare mogul owned the 4,300-square-foot home, she did pen its meaning to her while alive. In the autobiography Estée: A Success Story, she called it her “favorite vacation home.” Taking in the grounds and Mediterranean Sea views, it’s easy to see how it achieved that status.

Much like rooms indoors possess a separate purpose and personality, a variety of outdoor areas supply different destinations for different whims. For dinner parties, the covered terrace with a grill and easy access to the kitchen is a perfect setting. Overlooking the ocean, it’s also a sublime way to start each morning with coffee or tea. Descending the curving white staircase, you’ll pass another long terrace ripe for quiet moments before landing at the pool flanked by dreamy seating areas.

Meanwhile, the interiors have been renovated by the current owners. Most spaces have a minimalist aesthetic that reflects the French attitude of moins c’est plus (less is more). But, that approach wasn’t taken with the bedroom count. There are six bedrooms and six bathrooms for all a new owners’ guests to relish in.

Jack Harris of Knight Frank holds the Cannes listing poised for glitzy summer soirées under the sun. When picking up this pad, just don’t forget your SPF.