Ethically Sourced Holiday: Meet 7 Designers Who are Changing the World of Fashion and Home  

Ethically Sourced Holiday: Meet 7 Designers Who are Changing Fashion & Home  Bishop Collective, the go-to boutique for ethically sourced, American made fashions for the home and her, recently announced the launch of their new Designer Sessions Series. Through this series, customers can meet seven designers behind ethically designed and sourced movement throughout November and December.

To learn more about this, we're sharing an interview with Dimitri Koumbis, the co-founder of Bishop Collective and a run down of who you can meet during the Designer Sessions.

How did the idea for the Bishop Collective come about?

We met as college instructors teaching fashion design and fashion merchandising in New York City. As much as we enjoyed and still enjoy working with students in the classroom, we knew that there was more that we could be doing to help support their future careers. The idea of Bishop Collective came about as a way to support independent and emerging brands, and also to support local businesses which is why we wanted to keep everything domestically produced. We truly believe in having a community driven business that is thoughtful of all stakeholders in the supply chain from grower to maker to consumer.

How do figure out which brands and designers you will work with?

We find brands through all different sources. Some we find through tradeshows, some contact us, and some are referred by friends and customers. When we look at a brand the first thing we ask is where they produce and what are the conditions like at their factories. That is the most important for us. Then of course we try to find out more of their story. Not just what the collection is about but what the designer is about. Do they stand for something? Do they have a voice? It is easy to just make stuff. It is much harder to tell a story and we are very much interested in meaningful stories. They last a lot longer.

Ethically Sourced Holiday: Meet 7 Designers Who are Changing Fashion & Home  

How did the holiday market come about?

As a retailer it is our responsibility to connect our designer and their story to the consumer. The idea of these designer sessions came about as a way to make that connection more direct. We figured it would be more personal and intimate to bring the designer into the shop and have them speak directly to the customer about their designs and process. As much as we try to educate ourselves about each brand to accurately relay that information to the customer, no one can do it better than the designer themself.

What can we expect at the market?

For this holiday season we have brought in a really great roster of brands to participate in our Designer Sessions. We have amazing leather bags from New York based Oliveve, and DC based Matine. We have some great modern jewelry from Luz Ortiz, who actually was one of our former students. It is great to see everything come full circle for us! K/ller Collection will bring amazing sculptural jewelry from their Brooklyn studio.

As for apparel, we have Katie MacDonald from House Dress showing her latest "tufted' collection, the team behind CV Saint will have some whimsical pieces, and jumpsuit extraordinaire Aissatou Marie Balde of Combine de Filles will also be in the shop. Each brand will be showcasing some in-store exclusives and one of a kind styles. We are very excited have this lineup in the shop for the holiday!

Designers at the Designer Sessions

Oliveve – Lynn Rosetti and Kristi Maglione-Zoldi met while representing some of New York’s most successful designers. They realized their dream of designing their own collection and formed Oliveve handbags, which are designed in New York’s Lower East Side. The look of Oliveve is modern, but with a subtle nod to the effortlessness of the 1970’s. Italian and domestic leathers, meticulously chosen for their feel and suitability to the unstructured silhouettes, create a look that is truly laid-back luxury. Oliveve is designed on 

House Dress – NYC based House Dress was founded by Katie Goldman Macdonald as a personal passion project to promote slower design rather than trend driven, fast fashion. Macdonald finds inspiration from both her upbringing in Northern California where she received a BS in Fashion and Textile Design from UC Davis, as well as her time spent in New York as a clothing designer. House Dress focuses on creating clothes with awesomely unique and beautiful materials that are layerable and generously proportioned. Easily described as functional and effortless, all pieces are designed “size free” and are to be worn however the wearer sees best. All garments are designed and made in New York. In addition to running her brand, designer Macdonald also likes to exercise her green thumb with her terrarium projects, which she describes as “painting with plants.”  

Designer Series NYCLuz Ortiz – Based in New York City, jewelry designer Luz Ortiz creates boldly sensitive structures, each instilled with an exquisite balance of organic geometries. Drawing inspiration from her upbringing in the tropics of the Caribbean, along with the influence of architectural, modern art and industrial elements. Ortiz unearths beauty in the considered manipulation of form and proportion, implementing only the highest quality of precious metals and natural stones. With a focus on function, each handcrafted design presents an ageless elegance, eternally captivating beyond place or time.  

CV Saint – An interplay of linear functionality, subversive silhouettes and a progressive design process, CV Saint is dedicated to pushing the design world and its manufacturing processes into a system that partakes in the common consideration and fair treatment for all stakeholders within the fashion supply chain. Fascinated with raw materials and construction methods that provoke thought, the CV Saint team consists of Clementine Sainty and Sam Hubler, a duo who has an impressive art and design background ranging from illustration and fibers, to garment design, drafting and manufacturing. CV Saint draws upon their education and experience to bring to consumers a gorgeous collection of contemporary silhouettes blended with fine materials and impeccable construction. 

Bishop Collective DesigerMatineMatine is based in Washington, D.C., helmed by founder and designer Carolyn Misterek. Their leather goods are proudly made in New York City and uses American vegetable-tanned leathers whenever possible and support independent tanneries and suppliers always.With a line of fine handbags designed and produced entirely in the United States, Matine is reimagining American luxury with a combination of elegant minimalism and refined construction while using domestic materials and the skill of local artisans. 

K/ller CollectionK/ller Collection is based in Brooklyn and run by chief creative officer and co-founder Katie deGuzman. K/ller Collection revolves around an interest in natural forms, architecture, alchemy, androgyny, and juxtaposition. The collection—an amalgam of oxidized, rough-hewn metals delicately cast over skeletal organic material—releases an unapologetic, gutsy rebel yell. Eolithic materials—like horn, distressed leather, crystals, porcupine quills, cactus, and feathers—fuse deconstruction and sculpture, decay and renewal, androgyny and femininity, sophistication, and bohemia. 

Combine de Filles – Based on the belief that a jumpsuit is the ultimate of cool and that it can be worn effortlessly in many environments and for many occasions, Combine de Filles was founded by Aissatou Marie Balde to focus just on that. The brand produces just a few pieces per season in small batches in NYC. Their ambition is to create timeless, clean, simple and elegant designs that sustain over time. 

All Designer Sessions are held at 143 Ludlow Street New York, NY 10002. For more information, please visit: