Evarito's Is the Fairfield County Mexican Restaurant Everyone Needs to Try

Finding authentic Mexican food in Fairfield County can feel like looking for a needle in a haystack, especially for those who have tasted the wonders of Mexico and then try to find something similar in the area. Those lost foodie souls needn’t despair, though, because Evarito’s in South Norwalk offers a much-needed spot of hope.

Authentic yet elevated, Chef Hugo Orozco's cuisine is beautiful and bold, taking you (and your taste buds) on a trip south of the border. Indulge in the appetizers, better known as ‘para empezar’ on the zesty menu, to try a bit of everything. The salsa tour encourages adventure and is a must-order, whether you’re dining for a special occasion or just stopping by for after work drinks. Instead of being limited to one to three salsas like you may be used to, you get to try seven. Another item that deserves attention is the campechana cocktail, a flavorful dish of shrimp, octopus, and oysters mixed with Mexican cocktail sauce, avocado, and pico de gallo. Yes, it is as mouthwatering as it sounds. 

Of course, you can’t go wrong with any of the mains either. From family-style tacos to duck al mole negro, there is so much to feast on that you’ll have to make a few trips to decide on a favorite, if you’re able to at all. Don't forget to ask the highly knowledgeable servers for Mezcal pairings as well for a truly authentic experience. 

On top of delicious food and drinks, the restaurant offers dazzling yet comfortable ambience that will have you lingering long after your last bite. Owner Christian Burns of the Skal Restaurant Group, who also brought this Southwest corner of Connecticut Cask Republic and The Ginger Man, worked with a design firm in Boston to make certain this place has the right vibe.

Mission accomplished because it’s utterly Instagram-worthy, from the black and white tiles that were handmade in Mexico to the unexpected teal leather booths, which were a leap of faith that paid off. Posts of friends clinking gorgeous margaritas with vibrant decor in the background will become even more rampant when the spacious rooftop bar opens this spring.

There has been something special about Evarito’s even before it welcomed guests. Destiny came into play when picking a chef for the restaurant. Burns describes the process saying, “He was the first resume I got when I put the ad out. [It was] meant to be.” That stroke of fate along with the unique name, which was inspired by the Burns's son’s nickname, makes the trendy spot mean that much more to all who know it.