Evergreen Delights

Get into the spirit with plants that put on a show all winter long.

From city to country, urban terraces to rural hillsides, these beauties bring added life to the winter landscape, providing color, shape, and texture, in addition to endless green and festive holiday flair.


  • Keep a live Christmas tree in your home for the shortest time possible and make sure it is sufficiently watered. It will thank you once you plant it.
  • Evergreens can be planted in the winter, but be sure to protect them with mulch and water them well.
  • Ivy roots easily. For a temporary houseplant, simply take a bunch of cuttings, put them in a cachepot or vase on a bookshelf, and keep them hydrated. Then, come spring, plant the rooted stems in your garden or terrace.
  • If it weren’t for evergreens, winter landscapes would be exceedingly dull. Mix up your selection of trees and shrubs for an even more vibrant spectrum of greens.

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