Excellence in Craftsmanship Converges in the New Maserati Zegna Interior

Two of Italy’s most distinguished names, Maserati and Zegna, are collaborating on a new PELLETESSUTA woven leather interior for Maserati vehicles. These companies, whose passion for innovation and design excellence has fueled the success of both iconic brands for more than a century, continue to innovate within the automotive arena.

In the world of luxury performance automobiles since 1914, the name Maserati resonates with those who demand exquisite design and performance. Four years earlier, Ermenegildo Zegna founded his company in the Biellese Alps, sourcing the finest luxury fibers and manufacturing the most sumptuous fabrics in the world.

Today, Maserati and Ermenegildo Zegna share a strong bond. While each sets design standards within their respective industries, the two companies have a connection strengthened by historical and philosophical affinities and driven by an uncompromised vision of beauty and style. Both embrace the belief that luxury and craftsmanship must be intrinsic qualities in everything that bears their names.


A car and an interior unlike any other

The first joint design innovation to express Maserati luxury and style was the original Ermenegildo Zegna silk interior currently available exclusively in the Maserati Ghibli, Levante and Quattroporte GranLusso models. In addition to this silk interior, Maserati and Zegna present their newest car interiors in woven PELLETESSUTA leather. This woven nappa leather is unique to the world of automotive luxury and only available in a limited number of special edition 2020 Model Year Quattroporte S Q4 GranLusso sedans and Levante S GranSport SUVs.

Aptly named for a Mediterranean wind that transforms from calm to gale force in an instant, the Maserati Levante SUV is the newest addition to the Maserati family. The Levante offers everything you would expect from a Maserati, from responsiveness to long-distance refinement in a sporty and elegant SUV.  

Levante Black Interiors

The Italian flagship Maserati Quattroporte executive sedan has a rich heritage, from the Series I, designed in 1963 to be the fastest sedan in the world, to today’s model of refinement and excellence.

On the leading edge of materials technology, Maserati and Zegna have developed PELLETESSUTA™ to be a luxurious, lightweight leather as soft as it is durable, and exclusively for use in limited-edition Maserati vehicles available in 2020. PELLETESSUTA™ not only brings comfort and beauty to Maserati interiors. It is the result of research using thin strips of nappa leather in place of fabric yarns which are woven together and interlaced replicating the traditional method of weaving cloth to obtain a real ‘fabric’ from leather—this method is an example of combining new avant-garde technologies with century-old traditions to create innovation. Through a longstanding partnership between the two historical Italian companies, Maserati is the only automotive company to bring this elevated exclusive interior to the market. 

Black loom table

Like a fine, made-to-measure suit, PELLETESSUTA™ perfectly adapts its shape to the sinuous shapes of the Maserati interior. The Maserati dashboard is ideally suited to highlight the three-dimensional beauty of PELLETESSUTA™. Here, woven strips of nappa leather create a textured surface to capture light on an interplay of sculptural forms that engage the driver and passengers in a visual and tactile luxury experience. PELLETESSUTA also covers the door panel trim elements and seating surfaces, and becomes a unique and expressive force within Maserati’s sumptuous and sporty cabin environment.

This unique PELLETESSUTA™ interior by Ermenegildo Zegna is only available in a limited number of special edition 2020 Model Year Quattroporte and Levante models.

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