Explore a Garden Sanctuary in Water Mill Created by Harmonia

Executed in thoughtful phases over five years, the landscape design looks like it has always existed.
Harmonia Creates A Garden Sanctuary In Water Mill Patio

Photograph courtesy of Harmonia Inc

Harmonia Inc was founded in 2003 by Roxine Brown out of a profound appreciation for creating landscapes that co-exist in perfect harmony with the natural surroundings that grace each property. Her landscapes are described as romantic, lush, and organic, appearing as if they have always existed. Designing landscapes is a collaborative process that blends the wondrous colors and textures from plants and trees with other architectural forms to fit within a property’s indigenous character.

Roxine, who comes from a long line of serious gardeners, moved to New York City at age 31, where she worked in the fashion industry for such labels as Liz Claiborne, Halston, and the Limited designing women’s clothing. Yearning to reconnect with the outdoors and her love of gardening, she and her husband bought a shingled two-story home in East Hampton, nestled in a white pine forest.

Roxine has worked on many different types of projects including waterfront, woodland, and village properties. One of her favorite five-year phased projects began in 2009. Working closely with the family, the Water Mill sanctuary reached completion through careful planning of the family’s priorities and sequencing of the most important areas to develop.

Tucked away down a winding drive through a Kwansan Cherry Tree Alee, sits this Mediterranean-style wonder on Mecox Bay. While not your typical Hamptons home, Roxine’s vision and her memories of vacations in Italy and Greece inspired ideas unique to Hamptons landscapes. Here was a wide-open palette working with a homeowner who was passionate about transforming her landscape.

Harmonia Creates A Garden Sanctuary In Water Mill Gate

Photograph courtesy of Harmonia

The first phase was a complete renovation of the entrance courtyard. Entering through a custom-built, rod-iron gate you are surrounded by Boxwoods Parterres filled with white Annabelle Hydrangeas. Limestone was used to create a new surface for the patio. Another added detail is the custom fountain included in the main parterre, giving the client a soothing place to sit and enjoy the peaceful sound of water.

Harmonia Creates A Garden Sanctuary In Water Mill Pathway

Photograph courtesy of Harmonia Inc

Phase 2 included the rear activity areas. Since this property is on the water, the planning and permitting process required the involvement of the Southampton Natural Resource Department, which Harmonia’s team is familiar with handling.

Harmonia Creates A Garden Sanctuary In Water Mill Pool

Photograph courtesy of Harmonia

Included in this phase was the design and installation of a lap pool with a built-in spa, custom gourmet outdoor kitchen, limestone patio, and a waterfront native planted meadow flanked with mature lavender Crape Myrtles giving privacy from the homes across the water.

Harmonia Creates A Garden Sanctuary In Water Mill Trees

Photograph courtesy of Harmonia Inc

A last-minute addition of a walk-through kitchen garden surrounded by Boxwood Rounds and a sitting bench was included. Adjacent to the outdoor kitchen, this garden serves as a nearby destination for picking fresh organic herbs for cooking preparation.

Harmonia Creates A Garden Sanctuary In Water Mill Fountain

Photograph courtesy of Harmonia

One of the final phases was the south side of the property, which included renovating the foundation plantings and the tennis court areas. To an existing berm, a travertine stone sitting wall was added along with a patio for viewing and relaxing during tennis matches. Free-flowing ornamental grasses and beautiful lace cap hydrangea add to the serenity of this newfound area of enjoyment on the property.

Harmonia Creates A Garden Sanctuary In Water Mill Umbrella

Photograph courtesy of Harmonia Inc

Harmonia Creates A Garden Sanctuary In Water Mill Flowers

Photograph courtesy of Harmonia

Landscapes and gardens are as individual as each of us. They are personal and beautiful expressions of who we are. Whether it’s a simple field of flowers that extends as far as the eye can see, or the architectural elements they include to create elaborate outdoor living rooms, Harmonia’s work is always a reflection of how you will want to enjoy your property for years to come.

What distinguishes Roxine’s free-flowing designs is how organically they fit in with their surroundings. A Harmonia garden feels very much like it just came from nature, Roxine says, “not that it was put there by a human being.”

Harmonia Inc is a boutique, Design-Build company, whose services include comprehensive design plans, installation, and seasonal property maintenance. This full-service approach is offered to ensure the highest level of plant quality, health, and long-term growth and maturity. In any project, they will work directly with their client, or partner as part of a team to include the architect or builder.

Visit at harmoniainc.com and always feel free to come by Harmonia’s Design Studio located at 141 Maple Lane in Bridgehampton.