Explore Benetti’s New Oasis 40M Yacht Priced Around $23M

Boating season is upon us, but some people may fantasize about turning the summer activity into a year-round lifestyle. Much freedom comes with owning a home that is built for exploring the world. Especially now, with restricted traveling, as a boat means having a residence with few physical ties and optimal social-distancing. For those seeking a life of luxury at sea, enter Benetti’s Oasis 40M. The company’s latest boat was just introduced and is priced at €19.4 million (approximately $23.1 million), according to Fraser Yachts.

British superyacht design firm RWD created the boat’s exterior; a blend of Benetti’s “Made in Italy” Italian refinement and classic British lines. But other than the outward style, the outdoor spaces truly take the cake. At the rear of the boat, there’s a beach club and a freshwater infinity pool, a rarity for a yacht this size. Wings also fold down to add room for loungers where one can take in views of tropical beaches or New England shores. Whichever destination captures the owners’ fancy that month.

Inside, New York-based Bonetti/Kozerski Architecture has made their debut in the yachting industry with the interiors. Bringing with them a fresh perspective, this yacht is minimalist in style, but clearly not in amenities or space. With 5 cabins, there is enough space to comfortably house 10 people.

The minimalist furnishings and nature-inspired elements highlight the water, which is forever in sight. Especially through the indoor-outdoor salon/dining area. A wellness/yoga area on the main deck adds to this tranquil atmosphere.

Like the saying goes, don’t knock it until you try it. For adventurous and nature-loving buyers with deep pockets, this mansion on the sea may be more fulfilling than any land-locked home.