Explore Exquisite Homes Built by Industry Leader Hobbs, Inc.

The third-generation family business has just the right formula for brilliant building.
Explore Exquisite Luxury Homes Built By Hobbs Inc 16

Architect: John B Murray Architect, LLC | Interior Design: Cullman & Kravis Associates | Photographer: Francesco Lagnese

There’s a reason Hobbs Inc. has been around and sought after for 65 years. They’ve tapped into a unique formula for building that can’t be replicated, in part, because it is a family-run and value-based business. It’s personal. Built on integrity, quality, and customer service, they know how the industry should be run and do it every day.

Working with renowned architects and discerning homeowners in Connecticut, Westchester County, New York City, the Hamptons, and New Jersey, Hobbs Inc. has constructed over 300 signature homes. They blend artistry and business management to ensure their clients always feel comfortable. Looking out for their best interests, both financial and emotional. Now, we’re giving you a peek at some of their masterful builds and insight into what makes this company one of a kind.

Explore Exquisite Luxury Homes Built By Hobbs Inc 15

Architect: John B Murray Architect, LLC | Interior Design: Cullman & Kravis Associates | Photographer: Francesco Lagnese

For anyone who has embarked on renovations or custom builds, you know that choosing the wrong builder can be disastrous. Not just because of inconvenient delays and significant cost overruns, but nagging quality issues that forever detract from your enjoyment of your home. As a family business, Hobbs Inc. knows the importance of doing it right more than most. They provide fair pricing for the level of quality that people value most in their homes.

The company’s team holds the most knowledgeable and talented minds in the high-end residential construction business. Using their lifetime of experience, Hobbs Inc. makes building a home fun and personalized, just as the end result will be. When a client comes to them with requests for unusual products, they embrace the chance to learn something new, apply relevant lessons from prior experience with similar products, and work quickly to make the client’s dream a reality.

Understanding is a bedrock key to their success. Through questioning and active listening, they get to know their clients while always working with urgency to finalize decisions and reach scheduling goals. The strong relationships they have cultivated with vendors over decades make it easy to fulfill almost every wish, while the collective project team experience makes the process as stress-free as possible.

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Architect: Brooks & Falotico | Interior Design: Lynn Morgan Design | Photographer: Jane Beiles

In a world full of unknowns and what-ifs, perhaps the most appealing thing about bringing in Hobbs Inc. is the longevity they promise. Whether they are building a cutting-edge modern or a stately stone manor, their work is built to last. The company even offers Hobbs Care so clients can rest assured their home and family will be taken care of for a lifetime.

Maximizing clients’ peace-of-mind and sense of fun, and minimizing stress, Hobbs Inc. will continue to soar as a top builder in the NYC metro area. Visit their website to learn more about this third-generation family business, a true industry leader.