Explore These Unique Luxury Glamping Experiences

The world in which we live has indisputably gone digital, and it’s nearly impossible to spend more than an hour without looking at a screen. As a result, camping, one of the best ways to unplug, has unfortunately lost its allure in recent years. Besides lacking Wi-Fi, the wilderness is also largely devoid of the basic comforts people associate with a well-deserved vacation, or at least it used to be. Enter glamping: The growing camping trend that fuses the luxury of a resort with lush natural settings. Those deterred by the daunting tasks of building fires and pitching tents need not worry any longer.

Once a niche area of interest for travelers, locales for glamping are now on the map, and off the grid, worldwide. In fact, many five-star, world-renowned resorts in exotic venues have constructed glamping sites as offshoots of some of their most luxurious properties. The Rosewood Luang Prabang in Laos, for example, boasts six hilltop tents, which sit in a secluded, forested area while still offering the pool, spa, and restaurants of the main resort.

Those who wish for a more authentically rustic and venturesome experience, however, might find Off the Map Travel’s new Norway Lofoten Islands glamping trip to be the perfect vacation. Travelers will sleep in lavish teepees inspired by the art of the area’s indigenous people and surrounded by resplendent landscape.

The Lofoten Islands, abundant with alpine wonders from fjords and mountains to charming fishing villages, are an archipelago on the Norwegian Sea, just above the Arctic Circle. Priced at approximately $1960 per person, Off the Maps Travel’s three-day excursion offers near-complete immersion into nature. Guests are guided on a breathtaking hike spanning the islands summits, as well as a kayaking adventure through impossibly blue seas.

Despite its northern location, the region has surprisingly mild temperatures and uncharacteristically warm waters thanks to the Gulf Stream, ensuring the utmost comfort. During the months of June and July, visitors are also treated to the splendor of the Midnight Sun, or 24 hours of uninterrupted sunlight.

Norwegian culture is also a focal point of the trip, which includes visits to a goat farm and local museums. After each busy day, guests return to their glamorous teepees, sleek in design and adorned with thoughtful embroidery. For a different type of holiday, some time spent in a teepee may be just the thing.