Feeling blue?

Designer Amy Coe reveals her own passion for the color blue and shares her own tips on creating the perfect room using this versatile hue.

How does blue change the feel of a room? Blue is universally understood. It offers endless possibilities, a terrific canvas for layering. It works well in a master and, of course, a kid’s room too! Blues range from energetic to restful. They can remind us of the graduated blues of the sky or those of the ocean.

What are three ways to create a sophisticated design with blue? 1. Mix dark blue lacquer, crisp white and sunny yellow in an inviting guest room—touches of Lucite are great accents in this space. 2. Design your space in optic white from top to bottom. Toss in bold turquoise accessories. The room will feel bright and fresh! Layer woven textures throughout for warmth. 3. Install an oversized blue geometric wallpaper in your small space. Let the bold paper make a true statement!

How do you successfully incorporate this color through artwork and accessories? Trust your gut! If the art speaks to you—then it works. Whether you install a series of photos or one large canvas, your art must be meaningful. I adore any accessory that adds charm and personality. The hunt and gather of heirlooms and new treasures makes a home uniquely yours. Accessories should be thoughtful and never overdone.

What is your take on using metallics with blues? Metallic accents add shine and a feeling of opulence to any space within your home. But a little goes a long way—sprinkle a bit of distressed antiqued silver throughout your blue decor. An oversized tray, a pair of bedside lamps, one vintage mirror…select your favorite. The sparkle adds dimension.

What’s a new color pairing with navy?
I love dark navy paired with cool grays, soft neutrals and a pop of citrus green.

How do you keep paired patterns from becoming too busy? It’s critical to craft a color story, vary the scale of your patterns and layer carefully. All should complement one another to create a comfortable flow.

What is the “perfect” shade of blue for a master bedroom? A generous master bedroom that’s wrapped in a slate/gray blue—Farrow & Ball’s Parma Gray, for example—is very soothing. The dusty backdrop creates a serene, quiet beauty. The addition of crisp, pure white linens creates a perfect restful sanctuary.