Fire Island’s Famous Pyramid House with Cool Midcentury Flair Is Available to Rent or Buy

Originally designed by Argentine architect Julio Kaufman, built in 1961, and substantially renovated in 2006 by architect Hal Hayes, Pyramid House is a legendary architectural masterpiece on Fire Island. Walking down the dunes, its glassy triangular shape is enough to stop you in your tracks. And, it certainly had that effect on the seller and listing agent, Glenn Rice of Brown Harris Stevens. Picking it up in 2018, the owner has now listed it on the market, giving onlookers the chance to experience it in multiple ways. You can rent the cool pad from Memorial Day to Labor Day for $325,000, month by month this summer for between $100,000 and $125,000, or buy it for $6.5 million.

According to the New York Times, it was Hayes who gave the property the glassy and angular flair it’s famous for today. That’s thanks to writer Paul Rudnick. After buying it in 2001, Rudnick played the critical role of hiring Hayes to refresh and expand the abode. It was then that the one-bedroom main home’s steel-and-glass wall came to life and the guesthouse, three connected glass cottages, was born. Now, the property has a tidy three bedrooms in total.

The home has a great 1960s vibe wherever you are, presenting a stunning backdrop for relaxation or tons of island fun. While in the summertime, the laidback decks and pool area are where everyone will want to be, the interiors are midcentury magic. Ample wood paneling and a groovy open feel make an ideal backdrop for bold artwork and furnishings.

Rice, who runs a business that buys and sells vintage midcentury pieces, took the setting and ran with it. “Pretty much everything is from around the same time period as the house. It’s my aesthetic anyway, but it turned out that I was choosing things that fit,” Rice shared with the NY Times.

After putting so much care into the home’s look, it’s only right that it has functioned as Rice’s primary residence. The savvy owner also rents it out at times on Airbnb for a pretty penny, something buyers may be enticed by as well.