Five Questions for Sophie-Anne Delen

Dark RoomFor the past nine years the Brussels Antiques and Fine Art Fair has been sponsored by Delen Private Bank. Within the halls of the Tour & Taxis complex, Delen has a suite of rooms all beautifully decorated featuring pieces from their private collection of 20th century art and design. We spoke with Anne-Sophie Delen, who works in Marketing and Communications at the family firm.

What’s your favorite piece in the Delen collection?
I have many favorite pieces: an Alechenski, a Paul Van Hoedonck, A Swimberghe, Kurt Lewi, Jean Rets, Van Severen, Ferdinand Vonck, mostly Belgian art from the ’20s to the ’50s

Oval room

When and why did Delen start collecting art?
You cannot make a home cozy and warm without art. We always wanted to create an atmosphere as warm as home, we started the collection very early about 30 years ago.

What is the scope of the collection?
Our feeling is there is no theory, there are no guidelines…we follow our taste, our heart and our gut.

How are the pieces used at the bank offices?
Every room is different, like home. We have about 15 breakout/discussion rooms per branch. Each room is totally different and has an individual atmosphere.

Livingroom Lights

What piece do you regret not purchasing for the collection?
Well I must say I’m not regretting any piece because I think we manage to find and to negotiate the most amazing pieces in our available budget. Our core business is not being an art dealer nor interior designer but we try to offer an enjoyable environment to our clients and to our asset managers.