Former MI6 Spy Base From WWII Era Asks £8.5M as Rebuilt London Mansion

In outer London, a former top-secret listening post run by MI6 throughout World War II is living a second life as a marvelous mansion. The original structure was destroyed after the war for security reasons, but this new home rebuilt by Domvs London mirrors its specifications and exterior Edwardian style. Located in the lowkey village of Arkley—an ideal spot for an under-the-radar outpost whether a spy base or a glamorous country house—the spread known as Rowley Ridge is now listed for £8.5 million, or approximately $12.03 million.

Set behind gates and high hedges on serenely landscaped grounds, the six-bedroom abode clocks in at 11,000 square feet. Despite its verified newness, it closely resembles the home that once stood in its place. Inside, its transformation is more distinct with sleek and subtly sexy vibes.

Long ago, MI6 selected this site along with other Arkley abodes to house a portion of the Radio Security Service. The original home that stood here and its peers were given bulletproof doors and windows as well as important jobs. Among their operations, Winston Churchill used them to transmit misleading radio messages regarding D-Day to throw off the Germans.

While the facade pays tribute to the property’s past, the modern interiors are more in line with the spy aesthetics seen in James Bond movies. A grand foyer gives way to a stairway lit by a sculptural skylight, with galleried landings on each floor overlooking the atrium. Then on the basement level, a cinema, cocktail lounge, and natural stone-clad indoor pool radiate luxury.

Beauchamp Estates holds the special listing. Outfitted with a panic/safe room, CCTV, remote monitoring, and a biometric entry system, its top-notch security measures harken to its MI6 days.