Eco-Friendly Wallpaper in Incredible Color Combinations

The Faune & Flore Collection from France embodies the "art-de-vivre."

The Collection
In the Faune & Flore Wallpaper Collection, Ressource USA celebrates nature with this dual collection of 11 original motifs available in 100 variations. The wallpaper collection goes hand in hand with Ressource’s expansive line of over 900 original shades of paint in a glorious range of colors. The collection explores the natural world, faded art deco tapestries, sleek peacock feathers, and the plush atmosphere of the 1950s. These one of a kind designs truly embody the “art-de-vivre.”

Photographs by Genevieve Gleize.

The Designer
Annabelle Vermont, who is the great granddaughter of Ressource’s founder, and Ressource’s Artistic Director, created the Faune & Flore Wallpaper Collection with nature as her muse. The rich colors and motifs have a striking graphic freshness that is unlike other floral wallpapers on the market and the color combinations are simply extraordinary.

Photographs by Genevieve Gleize.

The Company
At a crossroads between craftmanship and industry, Ressource’s wallpaper workshop is operated by color experts and graphic designers located in Provence, France. As an eco-friendly French manufacturer, Ressource is committed to elaborate high-quality wallpapers utilizing non-toxic components, no allergens, no PVC’s, nor heavy metals.  The use of solvent-free inks to produce products that are clean and harmless for health is a priority to the company’s living heritage.

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