Get Ready for Summer with these Outdoor Kitchen Ideas

Brown Jordan Outdoor Kitchen

We are getting into the outdoor furniture season. For the latest in outdoor kitchen trends, we chatted with Mitch Slater, Owner and Founder of Danver and Brown Jordan Outdoor Kitchens and Daniel Germani, Creative Director and Founder of Daniel Germani DesignsRead on for some inspirational ideas that you can easily add to your space this season.

Q&A with Mitch Slater, Owner and Founder of Danver and Brown Jordan Outdoor Kitchens

Denver Outdoor Kitchens

What are some of the features of Danver and Brown Jordan Outdoor Kitchens’ cabinetry?

Danver was the first stainless steel outdoor kitchen cabinetry brand to market when we first launched nearly 20 years ago. Not only did we launch an entire category in outdoor living design, but we set the bar for the rest of the industry when it comes to unparalleled durability and design. Our design, features and engineering focus on bringing all the amenities of an indoor kitchen outside — including storage space, door styles, color and design — with industry-leading durability.

As a testament to our industry leadership, when the premier outdoor furniture manufacturer Brown Jordan expanded their presence in the outdoor living market with outdoor kitchens, they came to Danver, the leading outdoor cabinet manufacturer, to manufacture a line of outdoor cabinetry to extend their brand further into the backyard. Bringing color, style, design and function to the outdoor entertainment space still sets us apart from a growing sector of outdoor cabinet manufacturers.

With most of our jobs being powder coated, we maintain a presence at the leading edge of the latest powder coating technology. This allows us to enhance our design offerings, including unique patterns, realistic wood grains, and a broad spectrum of solid and textured colors.

We offer Frameless, European-style stainless steel cabinets in dozens of configurations and hundreds of sizes, each uniquely designed to accommodate almost all outdoor appliances, including grills, refrigerators, sinks, pizza ovens, smokers, side burners, bar stations, kegerators, wine coolers and more. Additionally, our seven unique door styles are fabricated from stainless steel and powder coated prior to assembly to protect them from the elements.

Denver Outdoor Kitchens

What are some of your most popular finishes?

Just as interior design aesthetics differ from market to market and person to person, so do the preferences in our finishes and colors. For example, in situations where homeowners are creating transitional (California) rooms, they may want to match the color of their indoor kitchens, while still others may want their outdoor kitchens to make a design statement.

We also offer an alternative to wood cabinets- with a series of realistic wood grain powder coat finishes that provide the look of wood without the maintenance. Overall, it’s safe to say that earth tones are the most popular solid colors, although bright blue is also finding its way into a lot of outdoor kitchens.

Tell us about some of the storage features.

Coming from an indoor kitchen background, our storage solutions evolved naturally from there. Because we work through designers, architects and other trades, Danver and Brown Jordan Outdoor Kitchens’ are designed with a professional’s touch and are configured to best meet each homeowner’s needs. The secret to truly enjoying your outdoor kitchen is functionality, and an integral part of that is storage — ensuring you have the tools you need to cook and entertain right where your guests are, and eliminating trips back and forth to your kitchen proper.

Daniel Germani, Creative Director and Founder of Daniel Germani Designs

How would you describe the Brown Jordan Outdoor Kitchen line?

Brown Jordan Outdoor Kitchens cabinets are a sleek yet highly-functioning addition to an outdoor space. TECNO, my latest collaboration piece with Brown Jordan Outdoor Kitchens and Dekton Cosentino, is an amazing adventure in outdoor entertaining that is both incredibly durable and maintenance-free, thanks to its stainless steel in a powder coated finish and ultra-compact Dekton countertops that also bring beauty and sophisticated elegance.

As an architect and designer, I’m inspired by brands like Brown Jordan Outdoor Kitchens that offer the very best in design and give design professionals the flexibility to create something that is truly stunning and functional.

How do you help your clients find the right door style and cabinetry?

Sometimes my clients want to create a seamless visual transition from their kitchen inside to their outdoor entertaining space, so I channel that same aesthetic and look in the outdoor space. Sometimes I have clients who view their outdoor space as a chance to do something completely different — to give it a spirit and look of its own so its identity is completely separate from the interior.

When it comes to color, I often look to nature for cues. It could be an undertone in surrounding rocks or hardscape, or pulling a hue from the landscape so that you’re creating a sense of connectivity with the environment.

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