Get to Know Calla McNamara, Founder of Calla Studio

Calla Studio Pool

How did the idea for Calla Studio come about?

I guess I always knew that I would have my own business. I grew up assisting my dad on photoshoots for magazines much like CTC&G. I spent my youth not only seeing the best interior design and architecture but studying the people that created those spaces. This felt like a natural next step for me.

Calla Studio Feel GoodHow would you describe the Calla Studio design style?

I would say our design style is “feel good.” We believe that the best design is rooted in composition and scale. We like to work with our clients to give them the strongest version of their vision for their home. So whether you are a minimalist or a traditionalist, we aim to create clean, well-scaled spaces that feel good to spend time in.

Tell us more about how you work with clients?

We believe that design is individual. We work closely with each client to translate their lifestyle into a unique design language. Our goal is to make a home both beautiful and comfortable. Whether it is a pack of boys, shedding dogs, allergies, spilled red wine, vegan or eco-sensitive, we work to accommodate each client’s individual lifestyle.

Calla Studio GuitarHow do you find some of the products and brands that you showcase in your home design?

We are constantly sourcing, whether it is a deep dive into Pinterest late at night or tear sheetings from magazines. Visiting local shops like Dovecote for last minute accessories is something we love to do. We source while we are in California or traveling personally. Our eyes are always peeled for the perfect accessory or vintage piece.

What are you excited about this year?

We are thrilled to be included in CTC&G’s next issue! We are also very excited about our 2019 line up of projects. Currently we are working on a restaurant, an office space in Palo Alto, and a few custom coastal projects.

What are some of your favorite projects?

I know I will regret saying this…but I love a good challenge. Whether our resources are restricted because our client is a strict vegan or we are rearranging the puzzle pieces of an antique colonial. The projects that push us outside of our comfort zone are often the most rewarding. 

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