Get to Know More about Marlieke Van Rossum of Van Rossum

Tell us more about how you got into design.

Van Rossum was started by my mother and father in 1975. At that time, they were producing English and French reproductions. The furniture has and continues to be based exclusively with oak as the core material. I had always spent time in the workshop when I was a child and had an affinity for the work and always felt an affinity for the creative side.

When I took over the company from my parents almost 20 years ago, Frans and I started to immediately to push the work to be more contemporary and design focused. Now we really seek out new and interesting designers to collaborate with.

How would you describe your style?

Dynamic or always different. I love fine details and delicate materials but today I am wearing a denim jumper. So, I like to have fun with style too.

Tell us more about your work that was featured at NYCxDesign.

The collection we are showing at AVENUE ROAD is centered around three designers that we are collaborating with the first time. Andrea Tognon, Thomas Haarmann, Erjan Borren. Each with a very unique approach to applying solid French oak, to a variety of coffee tables, cabinets and consoles. Although the directions can differ, the material and also the presentation delivers a very cohesive feel.

Anything else to add?

We are very proud to be focused on such a beautiful material and producing furniture also in a sustainable way. Nature and natural material for us is often the most challenging part of the design. We have grown to incorporate it and also respect it.

Check out more about the collections below:

T-Elements Collection:

T-Elements Collection: Andrea Tognon’s T-ELEMENTS celebrates the age and elemental beauty of Van Rossum oak. In a collection echoing with ancient ritual, his chair, tables, and cabinets cut the wood in stately, primeval forms, offset in material combinations with concrete, brass, and glass.

Stiji Collection:

Stiji Collection: Amsterdam-based design studio Erjan Borren crafts oak into fresh and striking contrasts with the geometric assemblages of the STIJL coffee table, side table, and console. The tall and sleek PLOT cabinet extends this linear vocabulary with a commanding yet contemporary presence.

Kast Collection

Kast Collection: For Belgium-based designer Thomas Haarmann, beautiful design is all about calm, decelerated presence. He draws on the seasoned richness of Van Rossum oak to craft minimalist classics, characterized by linear purity and a smooth surface finish.