Get to Know More About Nordic Knots

Nordic Knots1. How did the idea for Nordic Knots come about?

The idea about Nordic Knots was created a late summer afternoon sitting in sun chairs on the lawn in front of a small family owned hotel in Greenport, Long Island. The three of us agreed that there was a gap to be filled with high quality rugs well designed for a decent price. The fact that you had to wait 9-12 weeks for a great rug was also something we wanted to change.

We took the newly born idea back to the drawing board and started working on the first sketches and color scheme that would become our launch collection. When looking for inspiration the colorful facades of Stockholm’s 19th century buildings gave us the perfect palette to work with. As a team we complement each other so well and covering what is needed to make an interior product successful. Felix is a strategist, Fabian a creative and Im an interior designer.

Nordic Knots Rugs

2. How would you describe the Nordic Knots style?

Whether it is a patterned or a natural colored rug, each Nordic Knots is created to enhance but not take over. We don't limit the design to a certain style but the rich history of Swedish design is always with us both literally and figuratively speaking.

Nordic Knots Overview3. What are some ways rugs can enhance a space?

We see the rugs as the foundation or canvas that you start building a room from. It ties a group of furniture together and gives it a well dressed look. I would even go as far as saying a good rug gives the decor its soul.

4. What are some signature rugs from Nordic Knots?

Tiger, which was one of our very first designs and is still one of rugs we sell the most of. It really shows how a minimal design can bring a lot of character to a room without being too much. It's just right. Our latest design Dunes does the same but with texture. The style gives the room a cozy and warm feeling without leaving the modern feel behind.

5. Tell us about the process of finding the right textures and patterns?

We constantly work on how to expand and change on our collections to be able to offer a rug for each room in both the city apartment and your summer house. It's a never ending process that is nurtured by inspirations from all different elements, environments and eras.