Getting Folksy

These local discoveries have caught our expert’s eye

1 Seeing Stars
From 1912 to 1959, the American flag included 48 stars. This early-20th-century example (approximately 52" high, 73" wide) is hand sewn onto linen backing and set in a solid brass frame. $15,000, Robert Stilin, 74 Montauk Hwy., East Hampton, 631-329-7141,

2 Full Gallop
Sometime in the mid-19th century, an unknown American artisan fashioned this wooden horse (12" high, 15½" wide) as a toy for a child; today, it doubles as a noble sculpture on a console table. $650, Berns Fry Ltd.,

3 Clowning Around
On rainy days around the turn of the last century, children would take out this popular board game and attempt to land a ring on the clown’s bulbous nose, which would make his eyes roll. This circa-1910 example features both the original board and the papier-mâché clown figure. $225, Linda and Howard Stein, 215-297-5221,

4 Basket Case
Basket weavers in mid-19th-century America often favored the splint method of combining soft wood and grass, resulting in a sturdy basket able to hold vegetables and fruits picked from the fields. This circa-1850 basket (22" diameter) features distinctive notched wooden handles. $375, Georgica Creek Antiques, 332 Montauk Hwy., Wainscott, 631-537-0333,

5 Love Seat
This rare Windsor-style bench, with its original Shaker-blue milk paint, easily seats two. Made around 1910 by an anonymous New England craftsman, the 45-inch-long bench is subtly curved and sculpted for comfort. $1,650, Pamela Lerner Antiques, 145 South Country Rd., Bellport, 631-776-2183,