Giles Sutton Speaks on How CEDIA Can Help Home Technology Professionals

Giles Sutton interviewWe are so excited to be introducing a Custom Home Integration category to the Connecticut IDAs next year! According to CEDIA, this rapidly growing category "serves more than 30,000 industry professionals that manufacture, design, and integrate goods and services for the connected home." With the ever-changing landscape of technology in the home, it's important for industry professionals to be better understand these advances in the home to both help their businesses and better serve their clients.

To better understand the home technology and integration category, we spoke with Giles Sutton, the Senior Vice President of Industry Engagement at CEDIA, who shared more about how CEDIA helps to build awareness of the CEDIA channel among architects, builders. and interior designers. Read on to learn more:

Tell us more about CEDIA and how the organization can help designers and building professionals?

The reality is, the demand for technology is only increasing but that does not need to be intimidating for designers and building professionals. CEDIA is your source to find a home technology professional in your area.

Our members are incredibly skilled at delivering seamless technology solutions that enhance and compliment your clients’ lifestyle. You don’t have to be the expert on home technology – you just have to know where to find one.

What are some of the latest advances and trends you have seen incorporated in the home?

Last month CEDIA hosted our annual awards celebration which recognizes the best of the best in home technology. These projects always showcase an incredible amount of innovation. You can check out some of the project profiles on I think some of the most exciting developments we have seen in the industry have been related to wellness in the home, specifically bio-adaptive lighting. This new technology synchs lighting to circadian rhythms. The timing and color of sun light and keeping this rhythm in sync has immense health and wellness benefits

How can a designer/builder learn more about home technology/integration?

CEDIA has over 3,700 member companies globally – so talking with your local CEDIA member is a great place to start. CEDIA’s website has a find a pro service to find someone in your area. Additionally those CEDIA members who have the CEDIA Outreach Instructor credential can present education courses that are approved by IDCEC, AIA, AIBD, and NKBA for CEUS. 10 courses are available on topics ranging from outdoor entertainment to hiding technology. These sessions are available for free and can even be presented at your local NKBA or HBA chapter.

What are some of the common issues designers/building professionals deal with when incorporating tech within the home?

I think the most common issue is one that can easily be remedied and that is the perception of when to bring in a technology professional. A lot of design and build professionals have it in their mind that it is their job to get things built and have the spaces beautifully decorated and then when they are done the clients can deal with all the “tech stuff”. The truth of the matter is – technology can be much more integrated and seamless when a professional is brought in at the very start. Think of bringing in a technology professional when you would bring in an electrician. That way wire can be run and even if tech is not part of the project today – there are ways to prepare for it in the future.

What are some topics attendees can expect from the CEDIA conference?

CEDIA Expo offers a fantastic opportunity for designers to learn about home technology. For anyone thinking about attending I would suggest that you check out the schedule of CEDIA Talks and the discussions happening on the Smart Stage. Not only are these presentations free – but they will give you an inside look to some of the new technologies coming into the market. Visit to learn more.

Anything else to add?

It is never to early to plan – look for CEDIA at Design and Construction Week 2020 – we will have a full line up of courses offered through NAHB and NKBA.