HC&G Celebrates 20 Years of Deeds & Don’ts

A trip down real estate memory lane with HC&G's founder.
Richard Portrait 5104

HC&G‘s founder, Richard Ekstract.

HC&G: Why did you introduce “Deeds & Don’ts” column to HC&G?

Richard Ekstract, founder, HC&G: People were talking about real estate at every dinner party I went to in the Hamptons, but a lot of publications weren’t covering it. It’s always difficult to anticipate what people want, but I felt people would be interested in reading about real estate in the magazine. Today, people still talk about real estate more than just about anything else.

What was the initial response to both “Deeds” and the magazine like?

Amazing. At restaurants and parties, people I didn’t even know would stop me and say, “You’re the guy who’s doing HC&G!” People were waiting for a publication like this one.

Can you reveal the identity of the reporter who went by the nom de plume “Scoop Drummond”?

Scoop Drummond was me! People would confide in me and give me stories that they wouldn’t necessarily give to a straight-up reporter.

Why are people so obsessed with real estate?

Houses are one of the few things people put a lot of money into during their lifetime and get a lot back from in return. Even in an off year, the money just keeps going up.

The print version of this article appears with the headline: 20 Years of Deeds & Don’ts – Rockin’ Real Estate.