Here's Your Guide to the Perfect Weekend in San Francisco

Fashion maven Jenni Kayne launched her eponymous brand in LA in 2003 and has since opened 5 boutiques throughout California. Her latest shop recently opened in the Bay Area and she took to the @cottagesgardens Instagram feed to share how she spends an ideal weekend in San Francisco.


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First stop: Breakfast at The Mill. "It's the perfect spot for a quick morning bite or cup of coffee," she says. They also host pizza nights and sell home goods, so Kayne insists it's a must-stop even if you're not a coffee drinker.

Get your shopping fix at the Jenni Kayne boutique at Stanford Shopping Center in Palo Alto. You can find apparel, footwear and home goods as well as various workshops and activations throughout the year.

For home goods, Kayne suggests checking out March SF, "I never leave empty handed and am constantly inspired by their impeccable curation!" she says.


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The shopping spree continues at Case for Making, which stocks the prettiest craft supplies and desk goods. Says Kayne, "I love to craft with my kids, so I’m sure to pay them a visit when I’m in town to stock up!"

Finally, her favorite way to end a long weekend is with a meal at Outerlands. Not only is the restaurant visually stunning, they serve delicious, locally sourced American fare.