Hit Refresh: D.J. Carey's Bathroom Remodeling Project

It is one thing to take on a renovation but it is a whole different concept when I invite the readers of CTC&G on my journey of renovating a full bath that's located off our family room and kitchen.

The Brief: Every project begins with a solid brief so here is mine.

After years of neglect — and only a few minor upgrades — our main floor bath needs a major upgrade. When my husband and I first bought the house we knew that the bathroom was serviceable but design-wise, it was stuck in the 80s.

Since we both commuted to the city together, it was helpful to have two full baths so we could get to the train on time. While not chic, it worked. Functional became the mantra for this workhorse. And did I mention it was also used to bathe the dog and hang laundry? You get the picture. Over the years we ripped up the wall-to-wall carpeting that came with the house (ugh, and yes, it was mauve!). I stained the wooden floor that we uncovered with a green porch stain and it gave the bath a simple, fun vibe.

Then came the next upgrade: we tiled the floor, added baseboard heating and a few decorative elements. We closed the door and forgot about it. We love to have company and have always had our guests share our daughter’s bathroom upstairs so not to scare our guests with our hopelessly out-of-date bathroom. But recently I really became driven to fix this room. I was tired of basically hanging a Do Not Enter sign on this bath every time we entertained which was frequently this summer. I also thought about resale value and how useful it would be to have a well-designed full bathroom on the ground level. So the forgotten full bath is finally getting its due.

Can this bathroom be saved?!

DJ Carey Overlay

Next: create my wish list, get inspiration, get a professional involved, and shop the market. Stay tuned.