Hit Refresh: House of Blues

Choosing Paint BlueWe are fast approaching the final touches to our bathroom project. Next up: choose paint colors for the walls. Our contractor, Art, installed the bead board, running it about ¾ of the way to the ceiling with simple sheet rock above.

I wanted something dramatic to complement the tile. I didn’t, however, want the walls to recede. Believe it or not, I was still looking for some other strong color statement. I knew I wanted something beyond a neutral and little bit bolder. Our decorator, Amy Leonard, and I started looking at blues.

Choosing Paint BlueWe looked at samples from many companies and finally decided that the sophisticated and intriguing colors (and names!) of Farrow & Ball were just right. Instead of trying to match the blues in the tile, I wanted something deeper and stronger.

While I am very comfortable choosing color, I was happy to have an expert weigh in. With several fan decks in hand, we started looking at the vast range of blues and tagging the ones that caught our eyes.

The real test, of course, was to place the color next to the tile samples. In addition, we were adding a simple white linen curtain with a decorative trim (both from Schumacher) that had a few shades of blue. Choosing Paint Samples

Just when I thought I had chosen the perfect color, I was proven wrong each time I held up the color to the tile. The blues were either too purple or too green. Ugh.

Before I got too frustrated, Amy suggested that we get samples of our favorites so she could paint some sample boards. It was amazing to see a larger sample of paint and to be able to hold up the sample in the space at different times of the day.

The winner was evident once we placed the sample in the room. “Stiffkey” had enough brightness and saturation to anchor the space without making it look too dark. The color had a depth to it that seemed to work naturally with our antique house. In the end, it struck the right note.